Weights Before Dates

It’s been a while, I know… I’ve been busy getting shredded. As many of you know, on June 1 I started training for a bodybuilding competition. This Saturday is when I compete in the Bikini Division at the Pacific USA XIX Bodybuilding Championships!

As of today…

  • I haven’t had a beer in 71 days
  • I stopped drinking alcohol entirely 31 days ago
  • I’ve eaten oatmeal and eggs every morning since June 1
  • I have worked out at least 6 days a week, without fail
  • I have not had a single cookie, chip, or candy in over 2 months

I could go on, but you get the point. Meeting this goal has taken a lot of sacrifice. Needless to say, my social life has kinda’ taken a hit. I didn’t realize how often my friends and I eat and drink until I stopped eating out… and drinking. But so many of my friends – you know who you are – have been such a tremendous support when I felt discouraged, or when I was carb deprived and cranky, or when I didn’t want to practice my posing, or when I realized I was so broke it hurts (bikini competitions are very expensive). But watching my body, and my mind, change makes it all worth it. My trainers, Spencer & Greg Aiken with TrueFitness, coached me through this whole process and they have been an invaluable resource (and I highly recommend their bootcamp classes). After all, with their help, this is what I was able to do:

ab progress

Since I’ve been spending more time in the gym and GNC, that is now where I get hit on. I almost forget what it’s like to have a half-drunk frat guy stumble up to me and offer to buy me a drink. Now I get the cute guy behind the supplement counter give me free samples, or the trainer at the gym complement my hard work. It’s definitely been a couple of months since I’ve been on a date but it is nice to know that there are other, healthier, avenues to meet men.

Calling all eligible bachelors, I need an excuse to throw on some heels and a too-tight dress. Please fill out the following very serious Boyfriend Application and mail to me for review:


I’m gonna’ wrap up this long post with a quick Q&A:

Q: You have to go to the gym aaaaaagain?

A: Yes.

Q: Megan, tell me how to get abs!

A: Stop eating crap, move more, cut out the booze.

           Q: I’m not going to stop drinking, crazy lady!

           A: Well then stop asking me how to “get abs.”

Q: What’s your “secret”?

A: My trainers (Spencer & Greg Aiken) + busting my ass in the gym AND in the kitchen.

Q: When can you drink beer again?

A. August 17th, baby!

Q: Are you going to do another competition?

A. Maybe. But I can definitely guarantee that this experience has changed how I am going to live my life.

FOUR. MORE. DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Weights Before Dates

  1. Totally randomly stumbled upon your blog post and not sure if you still keep it up. But I totally agree. Seems like I’m always giving up a social life, esp one that involves the opposite sex. I generally don’t even drink or go out to eat but people do look at you funny when you say that. The only time I have this past year was to go on dates. Have you also started to sleep at a more normal time and notice that you interact with less people without the night life? Or am I really the crazy one for going to bed at 10 because I have squat workout the following day?

    Impressive you’ve been able to jump full in and do a competition. I’m curious to what got you started?

    BTW, as you may have noticed and mentioned, there are a lot of us single guys in the fitness world. I would like to thank you for leaving the bars and joining our ranks. We definitely need more girls in our strange calorie counting ecosystem.

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