I yam what I yam…

I am opinionated. I am motivated. I am goal-oriented. I am easily distracted. I procrastinate. I am competitive. I am God-fearing. I am strong. I am a leader. I am a hard worker. I am a traveler. I am a writer. I am a sister, a friend, a cousin, a daughter. I am loving, I am kind. I am brave, but I am scared. I am beautiful, when I feel ugly. I am smart. I am confident. I am sarcastic. I am lost, but I am found. I am loyal. I am honest. I am trustworthy. I am flawed.

I am a woman.

I am an open book.

I am not perfect.

Photo by Lucinda Wedge
Photo by Lucinda Wedge


You are not perfect.

You are an open book.

You are a man.

You are kindhearted and loving. You are adventurous. You are compassionate. You are smart. You are funny. You are God-fearing. You are gentle. You are sympathetic. You are giving. You are mentoring. You are a role model. You are good. You are honest, you are loyal. You are a friend, you are a confidant. You raise up, you lead. You are a supporter, and you allow support. You are happy, you are sad. You are strong, you are weak. You are brave, you are scared. You are faithful, you are flawed.


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