Nice Guys Finish…last?

This “good guys finish last” complex has gotten a little outta hand.

Good Guys only finish last if they’re chasing Bad Girls.

Much like a woman’s “Fairytale Complex” – a princess will never find her prince if she’s always shacking up with the villain.

I don’t feel bad for the guy who says he never gets what he wants. You’re probably pursuing the wrong thing. Also, there’s a very significant difference between being a good person and being a pushover. Gentlemen: if you want her, pursue her. It’s that simple.

And ladies, my God, ladies.… please stop saying there are no more good men in this world. There are plenty! You’re just overlooking them.

The same “nice guy” that thinks he’s finishing last is the same guy that thinks women like dating a$$holes. We don’t. I think a lot of men (and women) use this as a coping mechanism for rejection.

Guy: Nice guys always finish last. She only dates douche bags.

Girl: Every guy is a total jerk! I’m never gonna find my “prince.”

And round and round we go. You want the fairytale? Start acting like a lady and you’ll find a charmer. Don’t wanna finish last? Then start looking for a smart girl with a little integrity. Sure, that’ll narrow down the dating field. But admit it, playing the Numbers Game is part of the problem in the first place.

“There is not a girl on the face of the earth that doesn’t like nice people… by saying nice guys finish last, that’s a cop-out way to not take responsibility for any of the reasons a girl might not like you.”  – Jenna Marbles


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