Flea Markets and Fabio

If I want something I’ve never had, I have to do something I’ve never done. This could lead me to do a number of new, and possibly stupid, things…

I could ask a guy out. But given my stance on good ol’ fashion chivalry, I probably wouldn’t want to date a man that can’t step up to the plate.

I could stop going to bars and start going to bookstores and flea markets and coffee shops. This idea isn’t half bad…

What if, for a whole month, every time I would’ve normally gone to a bar, I go somewhere more in sync with meeting a man who’s after more than a one-night stand?


I could be less shallow.

I could give the nice guy a chance. You know, that one who is always too sweet and too kind to grab you in the middle of the street and kiss you with raw, unexpected passion. But he might give you that little peck on the doorstep that makes it all worth it. Maybe.

I could stop relying on “fireworks” to fuel love and start looking for good character traits instead.

I could stop thinking that I’ll be the girl that will make the bad-boy turn good.

I could start being the type of person I want to attract.

I was venting to a good friend about this recently, saying that I was exhausted; tired of not meeting the right people. She simply responded by saying, “Well, if you keep meeting the same people, in the same places, maybe you should be doing something different. Maybe you should go to more than one church if that’s where you want to meet men.”

Maybe I should.


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