Italian Love Affair

He was my first.

My first Italian scooter ride, that is. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a passionate love affair. We kissed once, maybe twice. But it was definitely fun hanging out with this crazy Italian character. I conducted this interview mainly out of persistence from Luca, the man this post is about, but also because I thought it could be highly entertaining. So of course he did not protest at all when I asked him to answer a few questions for me…

About Luca: He is an Italian man I met while living in Florence, Italy. He is 31 years-old, 6′ tall and a guitarist in the band Soft Couch, which covers American rock songs. It was hard to find a photo of this man not making a funny face while surrounded by a handful of women.
 – – – – –
Q: How long have you been living in Firenze?
A: I’ve lived in Florence my whole life. I also studied in Spain for 6 months when I was 23 and in the states for 3 months in 2009.
In the past 3 years how many American girls have you dated? How many Italian?
I didn’t date any Italian women,I had many different kinds of relationships with girls from different countries, I officially dated one American girl, and a dutch girl.
You told me you don’t date Italian women, why is that?
Because the Florentine scene is pretty depressing, girls are stupid, closed minded and whiny, and I like to have fun when I go out. I like to party American style, so I go out to American bars, meet American girls and the rest is the consequence. if i met a good Italian girl I would date her.
American Style?
(laughing) Like… going to bars, singing out loud songs like “Don’t Stop Believing.”
What is the reputation American woman have in Europe?

I don’t know in Europe, but in Florence, among most of the people, they are considered easy, stupid, with a bad style and many other lovely things like that. But mostly among the people who don’t know them and just see them partying around.

You seem to like to just “tell people like it is.” Has this gotten you in trouble with women?                                                                                                         Yes, definitely. I got slapped a countless amount of times, but I like to think that it’s a good filter to understand right away people with sense of humor and who don’t take themselves too seriously, and get rid of stupid people.

What was your first impression of me?

I thought you were a cool girl because I pretty much approached you in a way that many girls would consider creepy, I just started staring at you.

In front of the Secret Bakery. I remember giving you the same stare right back! You laughed and walked over.
Ya, you even talked with me and even gave me your number.
After you asked for it! I don’t just go around handing it to creeps on the street corner.
Maybe because you thought I was cute (laughing). I obviously loved the hair, I think its the main reason I talked to you.
What did you think after me after hanging out a few times?
I confirmed the first impression. I liked that we went to the movies, and I would have liked to see you more if you didn’t have to leave so soon, but I thought that you had kind of a block with guys, maybe I got influenced by your blog. Maybe nothing too intense would have happened between us anyways. There was a unique thing about you though, that I felt a bit like in a movie with you, I cant explain… like one of those movies set in new york, like when Harry met Sally, I’m not kidding…. and that it would have been fun to court you and do romantic things, without drama.
No drama?
You’re just a drama-free kind of girl. We could have just hung out and had a good time.
Why do you think American women fall so easily for the Italian men? Not that I did. (laughing)
I don’t think they do, I think they just want to have fun while they’re here, and try the Italian man…. they should try to get to know us better though, instead of just keeping to hang out with American people, go to American bars and clubs.
Anything you would like to add?
Don’t use my answers as a model for general Italian man who hangs out with American or foreigners in general, I’m special. Also, I wanted to kiss you that night at Lion’s (referring to my last night in Florence, at a local bar) but I felt awkward in front of your friends.
– – – – –
You are indeed “special” my friend. And I am happy to report that Luca is now exclusively dating this absolutely adorable American girl.

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