To all the Christian guys

… Yes, you.

Us Christian women are waiting for you to step up. You know, that girl in church that shoots you secret glances, looks for any excuse to chat with you after the service, the girl you’ve been interested in forever.

What’s stopping you from asking her out? Fear? Rejection? Well, she has pry already put her butt on the line by flirting so don’t play dumb.

This is why more and more Christian women are turning to online dating or considering giving the non-Christian a chance   in the hopes she can get him into a church without him catching on fire. It’s because Christian men aren’t asking girls in their church on a date! I recently decided to join the masses and give the online [christian] dating thing a whirl. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the past three years I have only been asked out by a guy in my church twice. This is simple math people, that’s an average of one date every 18 months if I was to only date the people I want to be dating. Truth be told- I have gone out with a handful of non-Christians and the reason is simple. They asked.  I just stopped dating an attractive, charming bartender that I had been seeing for a month. He loved cuddling and frequent gambling. Would he go to church with me? Probably not. Dating him made me realize just how important it is to me that my man has the same faith-based beliefs as me.

Now, I understand there are added pressures of dating someone in the church: you probably see each other once a week, maybe have mutual friends, are worried about “God’s timing,” assume that one date with a fellow church-goer means marriage.

Let me help you with all of these: don’t be a dick and there’s no need to worry about being afraid to see  one another, mutual friends will be encouraging if they see the potential for something there, and if God is opening a door you need to walk through it. Dating is a process designed to help you discover if you’re compatible with someone, it’s not an automatic ball & chain.

So a challenge to all you single people of faith…

Ladies: Flirt. It’s fun, I promise.

Men: Grow a pair. And watch this video ->



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