Perpetually Pathetic Party Girls… and Unicorns.

I’m laying poolside listening to 6 teenage girls talk about Four Locos and “OMG, like, that super cute guy at the party last night.” I started to think about how sad they all sounded,  then I realized that was me a handful of years ago.
Have I really changed that much throughout my 20’s? I still party, I still drink, I still like those cute boys. I don’t want to be that girl stuck in the perpetually pathetic party lifestyle.

But I have shifted a lot. I wear clothes that excite me rather than clothes that show off the most skin. I like going out, but in moderation. I like men that have both looks and personality.

You want to know what’s really changed? I am finally comfortable and confident in my skin; my being. I am eccentric. I know what I want. I threw all the unnecessary BS out the window.

Glamour magazine recently posted a quote from a man who said, “Redheads are like the unicorns of women, except they really do exist.” Yeah, think on that . Here are 10 Reason’s why it Would Rule to Date a Unicorn.


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