Forget about YOUR needs. What do men want?

I am SO tired of reading articles like this:

What Men really want in a girlfriend

The clothes men wish you would wear more often

The make-up trends that turn men off

The make-up trends men love


Are women such a helpless, man-pleasing, desperate society that everything we do needs to be catered towards what men want us to do? These articles disgust me.

Guess what women, if you’re reading these articles I guarantee you’re not being the kind of woman who genuinely attracts a man. This just continually makes women feel like their only purpose in life is to lure in, and keep, a mate.  If I were to ask any man what the sexiest thing is about a woman, 9 times out of 10, he would say confidence. Be yourself, do what makes you feel beautiful & sexy and THAT will attract a man. But that should just be the cherry on top.


2 thoughts on “Forget about YOUR needs. What do men want?

  1. Articles that influence women to cater to the male population may help to attract certain men, but will never attract men that are the right fit for a particular women. Most articles disgust me these days. The media disgusts me. Advertising disgusts me. Cut the crap and get real. People are missing out and living artificial lives, with artificial wants and dreams. Women are losing respect from men because they don’t respect themselves enough or care to. It’s not by any means a form of feminism that should be achieved. An enlightenment through being able to love themselves which in turn allows the right people to love them back is the true way to attract the right man

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