Love Letters to my Ex’s

Living in Italy has made me extremely aware of my Singleness and my desire for a boyfriend (not just a booty call). But in order to move forward I feel like I need to air out the past… by writing “Love Letters” to my Ex’s, so here goes…

To My First Kiss,

You were hot but you were a cocky a**hole. Thank you for not calling me again after you figured out I wasn’t going to put out. Seriously.

Love, Megan

To My First Boyfriend,

You taught me a lot, especially about what commitment really means. I also discovered that you being the epitome of a Mama’s Boy meant that I was going to have to fight your mom every time I wanted to hold your hand. We both made our fair share of mistakes, but you truly are a great guy, very forgiving and patient. I know I made mistakes with you, in that relationship, that I will never make again.

[First] Love, Megan

To the Relentless Make-out Buddy/ Bad Boy,

You are one of my biggest mistakes, biggest wastes of time and the cause of so much unnecessary heartache. I can honestly say that I am glad it never worked out.

[Not-so-much] Love, Megan

To The Real Deal,

You were a game-changer in my life. You challenged me to be a better person; a better woman of God, and actually called me on my shit. I am sorry that I couldn’t be what you wanted and needed at that time in our life. But I am so happy to see that you found the woman of your dreams and are now married. I will always be grateful to you. You changed my view of relationships forever; for better.

Love Megan

To The Silver Fox,

You were sexy, you were charming, you were adventurous, you were everything I thought I always wanted…. until you didn’t call me back after dating for four months, asshole. Me? Bitter? Never. Your mother warned me about you, literally. I should have listened when she said you were a smooth-talker; that you’d say everything I wanted to hear. You should have just grown a pair.

[Sooo much]Love, Megan

P.S. Living with your mom at 33? Really? I should have known better.

To Radio Boy,

Well, we sure had a good story from the get-go, having met on a dating segment on live radio.I guess there was just never that “extra something” to keep the relationship afloat. However, I did like the fact that I could wash my clothes on your abs if my washing machine ever broke. 😉

Love, Megan

To The One that Got Away,

You don’t know, do you? That I still have feelings for you. Did you even know in the first place? I still don’t get why it didn’t work out; why nothing came to fruition. Perhaps I need to move on. Perhaps I need to tell you. I don’t know. I just don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have read into all the little flirtations and sincere smiles.

[Waiting to] Love, Megan

To All the In-Betweeners,

You have names, memories, faces and a special (or not-so-special) place in my heart. There was The Cowboy, The OG, The Marine, The Poet…let’s just say that I have dated my fair share and have grown from each relationship, no matter how long it lasted. I pray you all find your match as I get closer to finding mine.

LOVE. Megan



… Time for a new start, with a pieced together heart. I am waiting for my Prince, my man of God, my Knight, my Best Friend.


8 thoughts on “Love Letters to my Ex’s

  1. OMG…I’m in tears laughing about the silver fox @33 living with his mom… that should have been your red flag love… at 38 i was already retired…I left my parent’s home on my 18th b-day and never looked back…

    What an incredible post…thanks for the laughter…and BTW, i’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you….you have got to realize you’re beautiful and just have faith that your amazing man is simply around the corner waiting to bump into you….


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