Tuscan Sunset

My body is rebelling against me.

On top of getting over a rought cold, I just finished scouring my room for bed bugs after convincing myself Italian mosquitos couldn’t possibly find me this delicious. I didn’t find any bugs… just relentless paranoia.

I have stomach cramps for no reason. I cut my toe so bad I can’t wear sneakers. And this sticky weather is not doing wonders for my skin.

But you know what makes it all worth it? The Tuscan Sunset I saw tonight over the Arno River. Finally being able to get to my class without a map. Getting lost walking around and discovering a quaint little cafe I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Ordering uno espresso in Italiano and enjoying it outdoors. Saying “ciao!” The fact that ordering wine with every meal is practiced religiously. The church bells ringing out throughout the day. Acient palaces on every corner. Real food. Fresh air. Men wearing 3-piece suits on scooters.

I could go on.

I am breathing it all in… even if it is through a stuffy nose.


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