The ol’ FWB

You all know what that stands for. Friends With Benefits.

They’ve made countless movies about it.

It never works. The end.

Have I tried to play a few hands at this game? Sure. I just needed a “make-out buddy” or we were keeping it “casual.” Obviously, no man has been privy to all the cards in my hand yet. I’m saving my pocket Aces 😉

In the end, someone always gets hurts. And in my situations, it’s usually the guy. (My past commitment issues could be a whole separate blog).

This is a very real text conversation:

Bar Boy: Would you like to meet up for a date?

Me: A date, huh? What’d you have in mind?

BB: Alcohol…

Me: ha, how romantic.

BB: Just enough to take the edge off… I’m not trying to date or have a relationship right now. just looking for a consistent f#*% buddy.

Me: Oh wow! I appreciate your honesty, but you have the wrong girl.

BB: Hmm… let me take that back!?

Me: Too late turbo.

Is this really what modern times have come to? Everyone is just out to fulfill their insatiable and out-of-control sexual appetites in order to make them feel more fulfilled and less alone? I was in absolute awe that this guy, who I’ve met once, would be so forward. But I’m guessing it’s worked for him in the past. Should I be offended that he thought I would be okay with being his booty call?

It made me think twice about the message that I am sending out to men. I’m looking for love, not just lust. So much media is thrusts into the faces of this generation telling us the more casual sex the better. La Roux sings, “this time baby I’ll be bullet proof.” Really America, as if we don’t already have enough defensive walls up.

I am slowly chipping away at mine.


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