The Dating Game

“Are you dating anyone?”

“Lol, no, not really, why?”

“What does ‘not really’ mean?”

“That means no, aside from a date here and there.”

“Wanna hang out?”

That was how I got asked out yesterday… over text.

Men are getting lazy and women are settling.

I said yes.

Now let me explain a few things about myself. I’m sure you’re all wondering ‘why do I want to hear about some pathetic single girls quest for romance’. Well, I take offense to the ‘pathetic’ comment first of all, and secondly, my quest is a little different than most. I am 23-years-old, single, and still a virgin, by choice mind you. Yes, I can see all your chins dropping, thinking, “Good God woman, WHY?!” Now don’t assume that I am some crazy old cat lady that never goes out.

I simply have never been in love. Ever. Oh, and I am also waiting until marriage. I have had my fair share of boyfriends and random “flings” but nothing to make the angels sing. So as you can imagine, it gets harder and harder to a) resist the urge and b) find a man that can do the same.

But I want you readers to know that I am not a comic book nerd with frizzy hair. I consider myself attractive… and so do a lot of men. I am adventurous, spontaneous, in shape (currently training for a half marathon!), and educated. So join me on this journey, to see if there are any decent men left in San Diego that can stick it out…. On the other hand, perhaps, not stick it out.


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